Best Man Jake

Our Best Man "Jake"

Our Best Man “Jake”

Super sweet Jake was not allowed in the house so his original family tied him out. Two of these pictures (below) show the neck and leg wounds that resulted. He almost lost his leg. His foster mom never stopped commenting on how patient and accepting he was of the care of these injuries. Once his new mom laid eyes on him in 2006, she knew she would be his forever family. Recently she wrote:

I tell you he’s a people magnet. Everywhere I go people want to take his picture. I also was told I should put him in an Angel Paws class because he’s so friendly and such a good boy. These are dogs that go to the nursing homes and hospitals and let people pet them. He’s such a ‘love sponge’. Jake has a new dad…….he was our ‘Best Man’. Thanks again for my boy. He’s such a blessing in my life and I just can’t imagine what I did before I got him.