Surrendering Your Airedale

Surrendering Your Airedale to TART

There are times when a family determines they can no longer care for their Airedale. TART is pleased to be able to provide a responsible, informed, experienced resource to families and to Airedales under such circumstances. For every Airedale in our program, we become the safety net for life for the dog.

If you are facing this situation, we can help you if your dog is a purebred Airedale, regardless of age or health status. We do have a process that we follow.

We will ask you to:

-send us a current picture or two of your dog so we can confirm he is an Airedale; ideally one of the pictures will show him standing in profile

-complete a straight-forward questionnaire that provides us with information about your dog

-sign a form stating that you are officially turning him over to TART

-provide us with any paperwork you may have for your dog

-and finally, work with us on a plan to get him to us.

If you would like to make a donation to assist with your dog’s expenses, it is appreciated but not required.