Texas Airedale Rescue Team (TART)

Rescue Adoption Application


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  • Applicant's Spouse/Partner (if any)

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  • Landlord's Contact Information

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  • For questions 26-28, please provide specifics.
  • Contact Information for Obedience Training

  • If you wish to adopt an Airedale under the age of three, please provide us with the contact information of the obedience trainer you intend to use for your adopted Airedale Terrier.
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    Current Pets

  • Please list your current pets, including those animals that visit frequently.
  • Past Pets

  • Please list pets owned in the past.
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    Veterinary References

  • Please list all veterinarians used in last five years name, including your current veterinarian.
  • Other References

  • Please list persons most familiar with your current or past dogs, this can include groomer and pet sitters (incl. professional or family members).
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  • There is an adoption placement fee for each dog placed. This is used to help offset any bills incurred by the dog being placed and to defray costs incurred by the next Rescue dog needing aid.

  • If there is a change in any of the information submitted, you will need to log in and make any necessary changes. And submit the application again for those changes to take effect and notification to be sent to TART that changes have been made.

  • A home inspection will be made before any adoption is finalized. If at any time we find information contained in this quesitonnaire to be false, we retain the right to turn down your request to adopt or remove the dog from your premises without a refund of monies paid.


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