Special Donations

TART loves all of our Donors, so we want to do a special recognition to those who give above and beyond. We have three tiers of donors and recognition donations: Black and Tan, Oorang, and Terrier King. Every donation goes towards Airedales in need who are in our rescue, donations ensure every dog goes to their adoptive home happy AND healthy.

If you would like to honor a family member or Airedale, follow the steps and fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

"Black and Tan" Donor

S. Vossos          C. & G. Crowe          A. Holeman          J. Giesey

C. Armington          M. Langton          M. Norris          K. Mauk

M. Marshall          B. & J. Long          R. Reddy

Airedale Rescue Group of SC          Airedale Rescue Group

"Oorang" Donor

K. Wallace          S. & D. Rosenberg          M. Wells

"Terrier King" Donor

S. Luft          J. Luckett          R. DeBlock

Friends of TART

As a rescue, we cannot do what we do without some help sometimes. We also want to recognize people and companies who have donated their time and resources to our mission.

MC's Place


Chewy Rescue

Donate Black and Tan Style!

Do you have an Airedale, family, or friend you want to recognize? TART wants to help you recognize our through our Special Donations!

When you choose one of our Special Donation amounts, tell us the story of those you are representing, we will recognize your donation on our page! Interested? Below are the steps:

  1. Fill out the form below. You should receive a confirmation email that your form has been submitted.
  2. Go to our Donation page for the committed amount, payment can be sent in via our website or sent by check.
  3. After we receive your donation, you will receive a email from a volunteer letting your know your Special Donation has been added to our website.

Questions can be asked within the Special Donation form, or you can send us a message through our website contact page.

Thank you considering a TART donation that will ultimately benefit all the dogs in our rescue!

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