I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Angus

We're happy to tell you that Angus has a new furever home.
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Meet Angus! He is an 11 month old, 47 lb. Airedale-mix puppy-love with TONS of personality who was surrendered to TART after being taken in by a family only to find one of their other male dogs was getting progressively more and more aggressive toward him. Angus didn't hold a grudge. Angus is good-natured and friendly with dogs (except the one who hates him) and according to his surrender family is good with kids over 8. 

Angus is currently in a fabulous TART foster home and doing FANTASTIC though sometimes a hand-full compared to his current 8 year-old Airedale siblings. Angus is sweet, wants to be loved, and would be a great family pet. His new owners just have to remember he is a PUPPY and an Airedale and Shepard mix to boot. His big brown eyes will just melt you and his snuggle ability will make you squeeze him almost to death.

Here are some more Angus insights from his foster mama:

  Angus is ALL puppy

  he is STRONG

  he has a loud bark and makes a good watch dog

  the Shepherd in him makes him fast, smart and quick

  he loves to run and "herd"

  he loves to sleep in the bed with you

  he does love his therapeutic bed in the room and downstair

  he still jumps for his food and eats as though he has never seen food

  he loves snacks, popcorn, tortilla chips, peanuts, turkey jerky chips...if it falls on the floor he eats it

  his eyes get to me if I use my teacher voice to correct him

  Angus would do well with another dog

  still working on training him...only knows how to sit

  great family dog

  smarter than an Airedale (how can that be!!!???)

  will need a lot of understanding, training, and love ...he is still a puppy

  ultimate counter surfer

  leaps over a 3 foot child proof gate with ease   has jumped a 3 foot baby gate at the top of the stairway landing (clearing that and the three steps below it) on the saltillo tile floor below.  We gave him a 9 for style.

  used a tie-up cable attached to our leather couch to separate dogs for feeding and he pulled it away from the couch and met us in the kitchen for breakfast.

  can go up and down stair with great speed

•  loves to lick water beads from the outside of the shower stall

• loves Kings filled with cheese or peanut butter, or with nothing...like a sedative

• hates the iRoomba

Soooo, are you patient and enjoy the antics of a whip-smart puppy-boy with a quirky sense of humor? If so, a lively, fun character like Angus might be a perfect fit for you? 

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