I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Coco

We're happy to tell you that Coco has a new furever home.
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(Adoption Pending) Do you have a nice big yard and look forward to daily walks or jogs? These are on the top of Coco's Christmas Wish List as she finds herself looking for a new home. Coco loves to get out and explore and is coming from a home on 3 acres where she's enjoyed plenty of wide open spaces. Coco was purchased from a breeder when she was 11 weeks old and has had only the one owner. 

Coco is a beautiful, healthy, active 4 ½ year old, 68 lb, spayed, microchipped female with no bite or nip history. She does not like loud storms or fireworks but overall has a calm, fun-loving, friendly temperament. 

Quite frankly, Coco seems nearly perfect. She is housebroken, crate-trained, and good on a leash. Coco gets along well with medium to large dogs (both male and female). She currently lives and plays happily along-side another female terrier roughly 10 pounds smaller than her. In addition Coco has doggie day care and dog park experience and always plays well with the others. She's great in a car and her groomer touts her as her very best behaved client (even though she isn't crazy about baths and blowers). Coco LOVES, LOVES water activities and if "in" the water, has been known to playfully use her nose to throw water at someone to initiate play. Coco can also be left alone in her home with free-roam privileges without getting into mischief. She is an excellent traveler and is alway up for any trip in the car. Coco is friendly and affectionate...but not overly needy. Coco LOVES walks and hikes as well as robust games of fetch. Coco currently sleeps every night in her crate. She loves her toys but does not resource-guard them or her food. She is good with older kids but untested below the age of 11. Coco loves all people but seems to have a special affinity toward women. 

Of course none of us are completely perfect and so it goes with Coco. Coco has lived for quite some time with two outdoor cats and recently one was found dead in the yard. Coco is the number 1 suspect as the cause of its demise. Although her involvement isn't a certainty, Coco will not be adopted out to a home with cats, and because she has never been exposed to very small breed dogs, everyone agrees that only medium to large canine siblings should be considered in her next home. Coco's doggie daycare and dog park experience was always grouped by size.

Coco has an aversion to carpet that her current owner suspects has to do with her being raised primarily on concrete as a puppy. Coco has also been known on occasion to demonstrate her prerogative to change her mind by sitting by the door to go out, walking out and walking straight back in, then wanting to go back out again.

Coco has had a bit of training, knows all her basics and responds well to the commands she knows. She won't exit an exterior door unless she is given the okay. Her current owner describes her as an easy dog to care for, and overall non-problematic.  

Coco's surrender to TART is two-prong: 1. Owners are moving and are unable to take her,  2. The incident with the owner's cat is also playing into their decision as they have a second outdoor cat.

Bottom line:  Coco is a quirky, fun, water-loving adventurer! She needs an environment to thrive where her prey drive can't get the best of her. Her ideal home is one with a big yard, daily exercise, mental and physical stimulation and LOTS OF LOVE!  Are you the right home for Coco?


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