I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Fred nka Frederick

We're happy to tell you that Fred nka Frederick has a new furever home.
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When asked, "What will a new adopter love about Fred?”, his current owner didn't hesitate, "I could write a book on all the wonderful things about Fred! Fred is adorable. He's a lover. Fred just loves people and is incredibly loyal and affectionate." It was followed by tales of his endearing moans when he gets belly rubs. Fred is smart, friendly, funny and great with dogs and children (kids who know how to treat a dog of course) and absolutely lives to soaks up attention from his people. He is even bell trained and, when allowed to run off-leash on camping trips, responds to a whistle (regular gym whistle) as a cue to return. At 5 years old, Fred is still a spry, active boy but when he’s around people, he is often happy to be a couch potato. He’s a fan favorite with both his vet and groomer.

So we’re guessing right about now you’re asking yourself, “Why in the world is a dog like Fred up for adoption?” Here’s the deal. Fred is an EXTREMELY social being, and because both adults in his current family work full-time away from home (and his boy goes to school), Fred has developed phases of significant separation anxiety whenever they leave the house. There have been times when the issue seemingly went away, but then, it suddenly crops up again. The anxiety can manifest in behaviors ranging from annoying mischief in the trash or cupboard to more recently, and especially since a recent move, destruction. After trying every imaginable remedy, Fred's current owners have come to the painful conclusion that Fred just needs much more time with people/or a person every day to ground him and satisfy his strong social cravings. 

One other little Fred quirk. Although he LOVES walks and gets them daily, he’s a bit of a stinker on the leash. He is strong and pulls and barks when he sees another dog. His bark sounds intimidating but he actually only wants to get to other dogs to playfully interact. Anyone walking Fred (as he is right now) must be strong and able to maintain control when he gets excited.

Ideal next home: Fred craves “people time” over everything and his next home needs to be one where his dog or Airedale experienced person is with him most days to love on him, assure him, and commit on working with him through his current separation anxiety. (TART has seen extreme severe separation anxiety cases disappear with time and patience in their new home)  Ideally, Fred will find a home willing to take on the task of polishing his leash manners so he can continue to go for daily walks and explore without reactivity.

Fred is an incredible, smart, funny, loving guy who is going to absolutely thrive in the right home. Right now, he's just finding himself lonely during the day. Maybe you're home and need some company during the day too? 

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