I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Harley nka Charley

We're happy to tell you that Harley nka Charley has a new furever home.
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Owner: Ginger Prince
Harley; Male 7.5 years old (12/2/2014) - is not neutered, he is registered but not chipped
weighs around 90 lbs
Feels guilty - has to keep him outside - daughter is allergic so he cannot come into the house at all.  He is extremely scared of loud noises and on the 4th, he hid under the house and he got tangled up in ductwork under the house.  His owner is surrendering him because she wants a better life for him.  When he was a puppy and younger he lived in the house.  He would follow Ginger from room to room but did not jump on furniture or counter surf - he was content to just lay on the floor or on his bed.  He was not allowed on furniture and was used to sleeping on a dog bed.
Gets "hyper" when they haven't been home a lot - very laid back when he used to live in the house - and sometimes jumps up on people out of excitement
He is housebroken - but hasn't been in the house in a few years
Harley does "ok" with other dogs, he is more dominant with male dogs.  Owner has 2 other dogs that are outside with him - a male and female, he will assert dominance over the other male - stand over him and make him submit - but does not fight with him.  He will bark at strange dogs that come around
Protective of his yard 
Have outside cats - he doesn't go after them, but hasn't been in a house with a cat
Trained him for an invisible fence when he was a puppy and that is the only confinement he has ever had, he is not an escape artist.  He has never been in a fenced yard - only invisible fence
Does dig holes to lay in
He is on flea and tick pills, but missed his last does of heartworm meds so need sto go to the vet to get tested before they will refill his prescription
He walks on a leash - but his owner usually doesn't take him where there are a lot of dogs
Has been around kids - is fine with kids, owner has a 13 month old grandson and he does great with him - likes to lick and give kisses, can knock down toddlers out of excitement
Harley was crate trained as a puppy, but hasn't been in a crate since
No specific timeline to get rid of him - she wants him to have a good home and can keep him while we find a foster
Owner can help transport him 

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