I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Jett nka Jack

We're happy to tell you that Jett nka Jack has a new furever home.
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Sweet. Lady in Oklahoma. Loretta Young. Kept In an out building. Isolated, wild. Not a reputable breeder. Sees other dogs on walks, wants to play. Not 100% tested, not aggressive. Humping, biting neck with brother Benny. Play well and rough house. Finger broke breaking up fight. Always had Westies and Schnauzers. Might be able to learn to tolerate a cat. Pretty even tempered. Affectionate. Loves his ears rubbed. Pretty active but not crazy, maybe medium energy. Jett is smaller of her dogs. Has some training, Sit, wait for food. Go lay down. Away. Leave it. Good on leash. Won't pull too bad. Knows the word Treats. He's a food thief...underwear, pjs, shoes. Will try to eat them. Microchipped #985113007058138 but not registered, Home Again. Has rabies. Will snail mail vet records to me. Will send photos. Has AKC papers but not registered. Heart worm, once a month, last dose 17th of December. VCA Jones Road in Houston. Neutered. Housebroken. Crated (big wire) when she is gone as long as 5 to 6 hours on rare occassion. Sleeps in her bedroom on a blanket (ate his last bed). Chews and gets destructive when left alone. Overall health is excellent, no meds, allergies. She feeds grain-free. Fed 3xs a day B, L & D. Eat together. No food resource guarding. Whole Hearted Food Brand. Goes to door if he needs to go out. Jett's norm is having someone home. Friendly with everyone no gender preference. No particularly anxiety toward noise. No bite or aggressive behavior. Three Favorite Things: Chew on bones, chewer, peanut butter, kibble Kong. Playing with Brother, and being loved on. Likes toys and playing tug of war. Not great fetch player. Good with groomer and getting nails trimmed. Even good with a bath and brush. Pretty mellow dog. Has had bouts of car sickness when he was younger. Least favorite things: Easy going. Up for anything. Will beg for food. Don't leave things around.  Most days he has backyard breaks, tries a walk every day 20 to 30 minutes (not able to now). Wrestle w/brother. He will dig to get out. Currently, standard wood fence. Managed to get out. They double team it. Needs a secure, tall fence. With visitors: they sometimes crazy, sometime ignore. Will eventually settle and ignore person. Training both at same time, very hard. Oct. 12, 40.5 pds. (7 mos.) Not a big barker. If no water, will bark. Barked at a squirrel or a bag in a chair. Hush or no bark usually settles him. Adopters 3 biggest challenges: Continuing puppy training...and having it stick. He's very trainable though. He knows a lot but may not comply. Allowed on furniture. Likes to lay his head beside her. New adopter will love the most; His sweet face, belly loves, so much love. Very endearing gestures. Just a sweetheart...with an attitude. Ideal next home: TIME to spend with him, training with kind, positive reinforcement, and love on him. Older kids probably okay. Secure dog. Currently he's good with a quiet lifestyle. She is keeping the more challenging one. Sweetheart face..watch out.

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