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She has an AKC pedigree from a breeder in Mexico and was named MANOLA as a puppy. She has been called Manny ever since. So meet Manny. She is absolutely the sweetest, loving thing, but her current family is going through some changes and she needs to find a foster or new home right away.

Fast Facts About Manny:  • Female    • Not Spayed (TART will pay to have that done right away)   • 60 lbs (a guess by current owner)   • 8 yrs-old    • Housebroken years ago but has spent the past 7 years as an outdoor dog     • Purebred, AKC Mexico       • Happy/Affectionate/Loving disposition    • No bite history/aggression     • No crate exposure     • Heart worm status unknown at this time    • No formal training   • Very social/people oriented   • Loves walks but is rarely/never walked, so pulls some with excitement    • Good with other dogs     • Little exposure to traveling in car    • Microchipped     • Not tested with cats     • No exposure to small children      • Has had 2 or 3 accidental litters in the past

Manny was a house trained indoor dog the first year or so of her life but has been living the past 7 years as an outdoor dog in the Rio Grande Valley to a family of six consisting of 4 older/young adult children and their parents. She has had very little exposure to small children. Manny loves everyone and craves attention and interaction with people. 

Behavior: Manny in a word is HAPPY. She is also a friendly, affectionate, smart Airedale who gets along with all other dogs she has met. She is not an excessive barker, only barks to alert you to something. She has absolutely no bite/nip/aggression history...rather she is just a “chill”, happy-go-lucky girl who loves everybody. When people come to the house and go outside, she never meets a stranger, LOVES the attention and immediately rolls over on her back hoping for her chest or belly to get some love. She has no anxiety that they have noted to storms, fireworks or similar loud noises. There is a pool in the backyard but Manny has no interest in it.

Manny’s very favorite things are: 1. Playing outside interacting with people 2. Going on walks, though currently she is not being walked 3. Getting love and pets

Manny’s least favorite things are: 1.Manny doesn’t have anything in her life that she seems to hates. She is pretty much up for anything. She is not crazy about water but she’ll tolerate it for baths.

Manny gets a big scoop of Purina Dog Chow once a day in the evening. She has never shown any resource guarding with food.

Manny currently sleeps in the grass in the backyard.

Manny does not travel with her family so her exposure to traveling in cars is minimal, put on the rare occasions she is transported somewhere, she is well-behaved.

Manny occasionally digs if she finds or smells something interesting or needs a cool spot to lay down. She doesn’t dig at the fence line to get out. Her current yard is large with a cinder block fence.

Manny is well behaved at the vet’s office and has never gotten a complaint from a groomer.

Adoption Challenges (as per current owners): 1. Getting Manny use to living indoors again/and going outside to potty (probably will be very easy) 2. Working with her on her leash training (she pulls some due to excitement but is controllable). Manny would be over the moon having an adopter who walked her on occasion.

What an adopter will love about Manny (as per current owner): A new owner is going to love, love, love Manny’s happy, easy-going, loving personality. She is very easy to love and she will give be a fabulous companion. She is eager to please, compliant, smart and even at 8 years old, extremely trainable.

Ideal next home: Manny is looking for a home where someone can be home with her most days to gently guide her back to being an indoor family member where she most certainly will blossom and thrive. She needs a yard, lots of love and attentions and daily activity, though at 8, her activity needs will be significantly lower than some of our younger, more robust 'dales. Manny has never been crated and at her age she will not be a fit for an adopter who intends to crates regularly. Manny is a little older than many of our rescues but is a total sweetheart. She is SOOOO deserving of living the good life in a home that spoils her, cherishes her and returns all the love she gives.


  • Terrier - Airedale
  • Female
  • Adult (60 - 108 Months) (01/01/2015)
  • 61 - 70 Pounds
  • Texas
  • Black and Tan
  • Happy
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • Not Tested With Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Livestock
  • I'm Not Trained Yet
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