I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Mikie

We're happy to tell you that Mikie has a new furever home.
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(Adoption Pending) Meet Mikie, an absolutely adorable sweetheart. From his cute little gray whiskers to his short, wiry bobbed-tail, Mikie is cuteness, love, joy overload! He is a 31 lb., 6 to 7 month-old, rambunctious puppy, who somehow found himself in a North East Texas kill-shelter. TART was able to come to his rescue and Mikie is now decompressing in a fabulous foster home with two fun adult Airedale playmates. Because of his docked-tail and strong Airedale features, we believe Mikie was likely bred as a cross. A TART follower close to Mikie’s story told us that a local from the shelter city, indicated Mikie was an Airedale/Standard Poodle cross, though some of us believe his "other side" appears more Doberman. 

The only backstory we have on him (shared from the shelter) was that Mikie had originally been obtained by an Uncle as a gift for his nieces/nephews (his brother’s kids). Recently, the brother and those kids had to move and Mikie wasn’t taken along. Instead, he was returned to the uncle who ultimately surrendered him to the shelter. 

Mikie was VERY excited to leave the shelter (could barely contain himself) and in addition to giving lots of thankful “kisses” also literally wrapped his arms around the volunteer’s neck to hug and draw him in close. He was a well-behaved passenger during his freedom ride BUT, later played for HOURS with the two Airedales at his foster home before FINALLY wearing out. He put them through their paces and had energy to spare.

Other than that initial outburst of affection he showed at being released from the shelter people, Mikie seemed somewhat skittish at first with his foster parents, as though he didn’t know how to accept love, or he was unsure of whether or not he was in trouble. When his fosters initially reached out to give him love, he would crouch down and almost “cower”. We are happy to report that after only a couple of days, Mikie is all about the love and snuggles.  Whatever memories he had that caused his uncertainty of people are long behind him.

Mikie is full of comedic antics. For instance, when he plays he often rises up on his back legs and flails his arms about. His foster mom says Mikie is channeling his “Inner Bear”! He is a complete joy to watch playing and soaking up all the doggie pleasures of life.

 Mikie has put on a bit of needed weight in his foster home. Mikie did not appear to have had much/or any training in his past, but he catches on fast and learns quickly from interacting with both his fosters and the other two Airedales. Mikie now knows basic commands and his potty trained is now very near 100% .

Mikie has the sweetest disposition. He shows no aggression or possessiveness at all! Mikie can eat out of the same bowl with the other dogs without issues. Is is also gentle during "training time: when his foster mom also feeds him peanut butter off of her finger. 

With plenty of toys on hand,  Mikie hasn’t shown any puppy chewing. He’s a natural on leash and doesn’t pull at all.

Straight from his foster after only 1 day:

  • Mikie is such a cuddle bug!!
  • He loves to play tug-of-war, and usually always wins
  • We have long socks that we tie off the ends, he loves chewing on them and tossing them around.
  • Recommended for a family that has a very active dog that LOVES to play! Mikie hasn't gotten Airedale play down completely, but does try to get involved and does the best that he can at his age.
  • I have been able to take his food bowl away, pet him, and move his face from the bowl, while he was actively eating. Absolutely no issue at all!!!
  • He is working on sitting with very little training time. Still struggling when he is excited or distracted, but has gotten the idea to sit in order to get pets or treats about half the time. 
  • He does have a problem with "jumping" or "putting his hands on you", but he is also gentle with it at the same time. We are working on it and he has learned to "get down" or "off"... most of the time. 
  • When he is cuddling or comfy, he turns his listening ears off. 
  • Whoever gets Mikie will be so lucky!! If I didn't have a "limit" by my husband on the number of dogs we could have, I would definitely keep him!! 
  • Sweetest boy ever! I would be interested in play dates 😁

At this age, Mikie is in full-on, blissful, devil-may-care, puppy mode so adopters/fosters should come in with eyes wide open to the love, work and patience needed to continue his training and socialization. Mikie needs a lot of snuggles, guidance and opportunities for robust exercise. Having a high-energy playmate and a big yard would be a giant plus! Mikie is a sweet, loving, diamond in the making, who is ready to share his pure light of happiness with his next home!

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