Hi! My Name Is Oliver

(No longer available: Oliver's owners have decided not to surrender him)

All eyes on Oliver please! This sweet, smart handsome boy needs a new home where he is the only male dog. 

Oliver at a glance:  • Male  • 80 lbs (estimate)    2yrs-9mos (BD: 07-27-2020)  • Not Neutered (But TART will cover costs and work with new owners to get that done right away)  • 80 lbs 

• Crate Trained (sleeps at night in crate and crated when left alone in the home)  • No storm/noise anxiety  • No bite nip history w/humans or female dogs (aggression toward male dogs, more details below)  • Good in the car  • No formal training but knows some basic commands  • Good on a leash  • No exposure to kids  • SO loving/extremely affectionate  • Very social/people oriented  • Purebred (papers) • Housebroken  • Not compatible with cats  • Uncertain about microchip (TART will cover costs and work with new owner to get that sorted)  • Great health

Oliver shares his home with other dogs. Oliver is being surrendered due to aggression he has shown to a new male in his household. He has shown aggression to male dogs in his home two other times in the past 2 years. One required vet attention. Oliver has never had a show of aggression or dominance with the female dogs in his home. In fact, he loves to play with female dogs who can keep up with him. 

Oliver knows basic commands. He is perfectly housebroken and goes to the door and barks if he needs to be let out. He knows how to use a doggie dog. Oliver is untested with cats but current owner believes a home without cats would be the best, safest situation for him. Oliver is also untested with children but would probably be fine and enjoy older children, preteen and up.

Like many Airedales, Oliver has a quirky tendency to eat inappropriate things like socks and crayons. As a puppy, before his current owner got him, Oliver had to have a sock surgically removed. This is the reason Oliver is crated at night and when left along. In the 2 years they’ve had him, current owner caught him once with a sock in his mouth and had to pull it out. 

Oliver is used to having a good sized yard and someone home with him during the day. A typical day for Oliver is mostly him lying around the house, with occasional breaks to go outside to run and play. Not often, but occasionally, he is taken to a fenced-in tennis court and family members throw balls around for Oliver to run after. Oliver does not dig and has never tried to breech their fence which is partially a 4ft chain link and a bit of traditional 6ft wood. 

Oliver loves walks and is good on a leash but current owners do not walk him on a regular basis. As a puppy, he had a gentle lead but current owners didn’t like it so he’s been on a regular collar and leash and he does fine and generally does not pull and is not reactive.

When people visit the house, Oliver is good. He barks when the doorbell rings but he is excited and friendly. 

Oliver doesn’t get taken on many trips but, when in the car he knows where to sit in the backseat to have his harness attached to a strap on the seatbelt.

Oliver’s very favorite things are: 1. Playing ball outside   2. Going on car rides  3. Going for walks   4. Being with and loving on his people

Oliver’s least favorite things to do are:  Going to the groomer. Oliver is not the best but he tolerates it.  Oliver does not like his butt, feet and ears messed with. Current owner is currently grooming him herself because he is such a pill when she takes him to a professional groomer. He is not aggressive at all, he just makes things as difficult as he can by squirming and/or laying down.

Oliver’s Adoption Challenges (as per current owner): 1. Other Male Dogs  2. Getting Him Groomed  3. Keeping Him from Eating Random Items

Oliver’s Most Endearing Qualities (as per current owner): 1. Oliver is extremely lovable and craves your attention. 2. He is playful and enjoys being outside  3. He always want to be close to and interacting with his people. 4. Amazingly smart  5. Loves to cuddle

Ideal next home: 

In the right home, we believe Oliver will absolutely THRIVE. A home with fewer dogs and definitely no male dogs will be a game-changer for this loving people-oriented charmer. Oliver has so much to give. He just needs to find a super loving home, where he gets the attention and affection he craves, has someone home with him during the day, and has opportunities to play and get exercise in a good sized yard. Oliver is being kept in his current home until a compatible adopter or "foster to adopt" home is found.

  • Terrier - Airedale
  • Male
  • 3 Years OldMy DoB is 07/27/2020
  • 81 - 90 Pounds
  • Texas
  • Black and Tan
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Don't Like Cats
  • I Like Some Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Farm Animals
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