I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Rocky

We're happy to tell you that Rocky has a new furever home.
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Update from the foster family: Rocky and his companion Missy have been with their new foster family for just 5 short weeks. Despite having him for only a few weeks, we have learned so much about Rocky. Rocky LOVES getting pets and attention, you want a dog to pet, he is your dog. Rocky has shown a few moments of Alpha Male, so he needs someone who can train him and handle his size. He is a great eater, which means, training should be a piece of cake (maybe stick to dog food though). He has already come so far, just a little more time and energy put into Rocky, he will make a 180 degree turnaround from when we first got him. 

(Update: A foster family has volunteered to take in Missy and Rocky and we are in the process of putting all the moving pieces together to get them into that home. TART volunteers met Missy and Rocky to evaluate/assess them. Everyone was smitten with their gentle dispositions and their obvious affection for each other. All in attendance got lots of sweet kisses from them both. Rocky is very protective of Missy and watches anxiously if she is walked away from his vicinity. Lots still to learn about their disposition and personalities as they move into foster care. From there, we will be better able to assess what type of home is the right one for them. Stay tuned.)

Rocky and Missy are a bonded pair that desperately need an adopter willing to take them both in, love on them, work with them, and ultimately give them the new lease on life they deserve. 

Rocky and Missy are both approximately 6.5 to 7 years old and approximately 70 lbs. They were purchased near the same time from different breeders with the intent to be bred. They have lived the duration of their life in outdoor pens with a shelter made from a pick up truck camper available to them. Neither is currently neutered. Missy had one litter of nine puppies years ago (Rocky not the sire) but another dog breached the whelping area and killed all nine.  Rocky and Missy have had limited exposure to people (not interacted with as pets) and have relied on each other all these years for companionship. 

Recently Rocky has begun climbing over the pen wiring and escaping. Their home is in close proximity to a highway and there are concerns he will get hit. His current owners are barely able to retrieve him once he's out, due to their age and disabilities. To remedy the situation they have placed Rocky in a separate, more secure pen. Rocky and Missy are lonely, frustrated and miserable being separated, but fortunately they will be surrendered to TART just as soon as we have a home or foster equipped to take them both in.

Both Missy and Rocky are described as affectionate and craving attention from people. They have almost zero leash exposure, car riding exposure, and/or professional grooming experience. Their current owner currently maintains their grooming. Their exposure to other dogs is almost exclusively each other. 

We know it is going to be a challenge finding Rocky and Missy someone, not only willing to take them both, but also give them the love, nurturing and training they need to live out their golden years love and adored together INDOORS, in a true family setting. Despite all changes, we are confident their angel is out there. Is it you? 

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