I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Ruby

We're happy to tell you that Ruby has a new furever home.
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Let’s talk about beautiful, 5 year-old Ms. Ruby! At roughly 100 lbs, Ruby is a bit “super-sized” just like her sweet, snuggly heart. 

A few random Ruby facts: • Ruby is in good health and on a heart worm preventative  • She is not microchipped but TART will help make sure her next owner gets that done   • She is Housebroken (sits by door if she needs to go outside) • Good with other dogs  • Use to love a cat she lived with (but it’s been awhile)  • No storm anxiety
• No bite or nip history    SO sweet and gentle with the dog savvy kids in her home (5+)

Her favorite things are: SLEEPING,  SNUGGLING, and EATING TREATS. She is not high energy like some Airedales. She prefers the quiet life and enjoying lazy days. Ruby does not use a crate. AND, she can be left alone in her home without causing mischief (she generally just sleeps). At night she sleep on the floor or couch. She is use to having furniture rights. 

Ruby enjoys a bit of time in the yard most days and does not dig or try to breech the fence. Overall she is good on a leash but WILL pull/perhaps lunge toward another dog to sniff it and engage with it if the situation presents itself. 

Ruby doesn’t get out on many car trips so her traveling experience is limited. She is nervous but good at the vet. She tolerates the groomer, but sometimes needs breaks. 

According to her current owner, Ruby’s biggest challenges are:

  1. She is sometimes wary of unknown men who enter the home or yard.
  2. She is overweight and begs for food…will try to eat socks if she happens upon one.
  3. Ruby is not an excessive barker BUT, when she DOES bark, it is IMPRESSIVE and can sound intimidating. 

Her best, most endearing features are:

  1. Ruby is the sweetest, most tolerant girl.
  2. Ruby talks a lot and when you’ve been away, she smiles at you with her teeth when you come home.
  3. Ruby listens really well and overall is just a big, sweet, teddy bear. 

Ruby currently shares her surrendering home with Willie and Duke (also available for adoption through TART). They all get along famously but are not needing to be adopted together. Ruby is the alpha of the three. Her only stipulation with Willie and Duke (and any other dogs) seems to be that she does not like to share food, treats, or bones. 

Ruby comes from a doting, caring home where she is beloved. Her surrender has nothing to do with her, her behavior or temperament.

So…what’s not to love about Ruby? She is a dear and deserving of the very best home where she will remain a beloved, cherished member of a family. 

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