I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Tex

We're happy to tell you that Tex has a new furever home.
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Tex has been adopted! Go Tex!

Update: DNA is in. Tex is an Aire-pei Rottnauzer: 37.5% Airedale Terrier, 12.5% Chinese Shar-Pei, 12.5% Rottweiler, and 12.5% Miniature Schnauzer. Wowsa!

My name is Tex and here’s my story. I was named Tex because I was “found on the streets of Texas".  And not just any streets, REALLY, REALLY BUSY streets in inner Houston, no less. I’m just a sweet baby at heart and tough street life was sure not for me. Sadly, I just never knew any different so I lived in fear most of the time. It’s quite a miracle I survived as long as I did. When the very kind-hearted man who changed my life first tried to help me, I was too terrified to even accept his help. I wasn’t too sure about people. Thank goodness, he just happened to have some french fries in his car. Who can say no to a french fry? From the moment he touched me, my life drastically changed and I realized right away that family life IS FOR ME! I now have toys and a comfy bed. I’ve learned to play and I’VE LEARNED LOVE! Love is the best thing ever and boy am I making up for lost time. I NEVER want to be without special people to love and care for me again. I still take a minute to warm up to new people, but once I trust you…I’m yours 100%.  Right now, I really need a special person or family to help me with my next chapter. Would you be willing to baby me a little, love on me a lot (I will love you back like crazy), and become the “happily ever after” to my story?

Have you ever wished you had a “Tramp” for your “Lady”? Are you a Harry Potter fan who ever secretly wondered what Sirius Black’s anamagus would have looked like as a smaller Airedale mix? Stink’n cute Tex might just be the boy you are looking for! With his scruffy, bed-head "do", sweet baby temperament and loving nature, Tex is ready to steal your heart and give you his.

Tex was spotted by a member of his current “finder” family in Northside Village (Houston) a few weeks ago, crouched down in the gutter of a busy street, with cars flying by. The family member pulled over and tried to coax him away from traffic. He was too scared to respond but was finally lured away by being offered french fries. Tex was not only incredibly scared, but covered in fleas & mud, very underweight and had multiple scrapes and what looked like dog bites on his ears. Tex was taken to the family’s home, given a flea bath, then off to see the vet the following day.

At that initial vet visit, Tex was very clingy, afraid of losing his new person who saved him and just wanted to crawl up in his arms and hug on him for dear life. By the end of the visit, Tex showed-off his impressive capacity to open himself to new experiences by happily and calmly soaking in all the love and attention of the vet and the staff. 

The vet indicated Tex appeared to be an Airedale Terrier mix. DNA was taken and should be available in a couple of weeks. The vet determined Tex was approximately 5 mos. old (almost 6 mos. now), had no microchip, and believed from his condition that he had been living on the streets his entire life. Tex is approx. 50 pds, not neutered (but will be), heart worm and parasite free and now on a heart worm preventative. The vet indicated that he is close to being his full adult size. The vet also noted Tex’s endearing smile and beautiful pearly white teeth. 

His current family has had him about 3 weeks now. They said Tex was understandably scared and skittish at first but VERY QUICKLY blossomed in their home into a super loving, well behaved, affectionate boy who is sweet and playful and completely and utterly grateful for his new life. 

Tex loves being around his people, probably the thing he loves the most. He wants all of your attention. He is wary of new people initially but quickly warms up and then “you’re in, you’re  his forever buddy”.  When guests come to their house, Tex “goes away” for a few minutes then slowly comes out to make friends. He is still a little puppy-like and “mouthy”…likes to put his open mouth on you but not bite down. Tex became much more playful and active once he got comfortable with his new life and came out of his shell. His current owners believe he would benefit from a big yard. He has had limited exposure to children but did well interacting with a 4 yr-old girl visitor. They chased each other and had fun playing. He did not knock her down and after a few minutes he even calmly let her pet him. 

Initially Tex was paralyzed with fear being at a dog park but now he is comfortable and self-assured enough to play and enjoy himself. He gets along with every dog he meets and he’s met a lot, not only from the park but from friends and neighbors as well. He is living with an older Chihuahua and a cat. He is calm around the cat… he likes the cat more than the cat likes him. He has no food or toy aggression, no aggression at all actually. 

Tex has made great strides in potty training. He now goes to the door when he needs to go out and only has occasional accidents. Tex does not bark much but barked recently when he needed to go out. Tex has wiry coarse hair that his current owners have not noticed shedding. They cannot positively confirm he is hypoallergenic but one of his owners had schnauzers growing up and he believes Tex may have the hypo type of hair.

Tex currently spends about 3/4 of his day inside and about 1/4 outside. When spending time in the yard, Tex does dig (they are telling him no), but he does not dig to get out (he DOES NOT want out by any means) but rather to find things like acorns & june bugs. Tex may have had to survive on june bugs and acorns to some degree in his former life.

Tex has his own bedroom at his current home. This is where he sleeps at night and where he is put when left in the house alone. He is not destructive and does not have separation anxiety, despite always wanting to be with his people. He has had no exposure to crates. Tex loves toys but is tough on them. Many toys don’t last long. He has a special toy rabbit that is his favorite. He loves to play fetch. He also likes to chase the water from the water hose.

Tex has taken to a leash extremely well and is good on walks and even jogs. Tex does not react when they pass other people on walks which is often. If another dog is being walked, he will watch it, especially if that dog barks at him but he is not reactive.

Tex does not seem reactive to loud noises except that when he is in a car, the noise from opening a window causes him anxiety. With windows up, he is calm and content in the car and is happy to go places.

Tex is very happy and grateful being off the street. He does not try to get out or get away…just the opposite, he wants to stay close to this new, safe, secure, happy life. His current family believes he would do fine with most types of secure fences. 

Although they did not believe Tex posed any big challenges as far as his behavior, if pressed his only challenges are:

  1. He is not 100% potty trained (getting there)
  2. He still has puppy behavior that requires patience as he learns and matures
  3. He takes a minute to warm up to strangers

His current family described Tex as having come from the street scared and emotionally broken but very quickly, blossoming into an amazing dog who is destined to be the epitome of “a perfect family dog”. If their personal situation was different, they would keep him. They are very attached to him and want him to have the quality of life he deserves, especially after such a rough start. 

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