I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Willie

We're happy to tell you that Willie has a new furever home.
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We need to tell you all about a truly handsome, 2 year-old sweetheart named Willie! He is a submissive little guy who, surprisingly, displays very little of the usual infamous “Airedale stubbornness”.

A few random Willie facts: • Weighs 70 lbs.  • Excellent health and is on a heart worm preventative.  • Not microchipped but TART will help make sure his next owner gets that done.  • Willie is housebroken and will go to the door and sit, paw at it, or bark if he needs to go out. (Willie has occasional pee accidents when he is left alone more than a few hours…same spot every time)  • Good with other dogs  • Untested with cats  • No bite or nip history (but loves to ever-so-gently hold your hand in his mouth)  • Sweet and gentle with dog savvy kids, tested 8 and up • No storm anxiety 

Willie’s favorite things are: Playing, Patrolling the Yard, Lounging in the Pool, Sleeping, and Eating Treats. 

His least favorite things are: Enduring the Groomer (but he tolerates it), Taking baths, and Going into a Crate. 

Willie does not use a crate and can be left alone in the house without causing mischief BUT, (as mentioned above) he occasionally has a pee accident if you’re gone too long. At night, Willie sleeps on a dog bed in a home office.

Willie loves to spend a good deal of time outdoors when the weather is nice. He has been known to dig, but only to lay in the hole. He has tried to go under the fence before when something is enticing on the other side, so a super secure fence is a must. Willie loves to come inside for human time, naps and bedtime. 

Willie loves to go on walks, but he gets so excited he pulls at the very beginning. It takes a few minutes, then he calms down. If he sees another dog or an unknown human on a walk he tends to freeze then he wants to play.

Willie is excited to have visitors in the home and may try to jump and hug them.

Willie doesn’t get out on many car trips so his traveling experience is limited. He is good at the vet and tolerates the groomer, just needs breaks now and then.

According to his current owner, Willie’s biggest challenges are:

  1. He is overly excited at the beginning of walks.
  2. He has infrequent but occasional pee accidents if left too long without a break.
  3. Willie occasionally digs to find a cool spot in the yard to lounge in.

Willie’s best, most endearing features are:

  1. He is absolutely the sweetest, sweetest lovable little boy.
  2. Willie talks a lot and smiles with his eyes.
  3. He has a funny, comical personality and the best, regal posture.
  4. Willie is the least stubborn Airedale they have ever known.
  5. Willie is super smart. 

Willie currently shares his home with Ruby and Duke (also available TART Airedales). They all get along famously but are not a bonded set and we expect each to be adopted separately.

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