I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Wookiee

We're happy to tell you that Wookiee has a new furever home.
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(Adoption Pending) If you follow our Facebook Page you may remember Wookiee’s medical story was recently featured. If you’re interested, the link will be added to the bottom of his profile. 

In a nutshell, Wookie came to us in early July. A change in life circumstances left Wookiee’s owner unable to financially care for him. In addition to struggling with every-day costs associated with routine dog ownership (and Wookiee was not an only dog), Wookiee’s owner was at a total loss because he was also in desperate need of expensive surgery to remove an injured eye (enucleation surgery). Wookiee was/is fostered by an absolutely incredible TART volunteer who saw him through all the pre and post surgery challenges. Wookiee made it through surgery like a champ, and with the love and care of his awesome foster home, he has fully recovered and almost entirely adjusted to his new one-eyed normal. He is now ready to find his forever home.

Adoption Profile:

Wookiee, now also lovingly referred to as Wook Wook, is a super-cute, affectionate, energetic 6 yr-old, 53 lb, crate trained, neutered male. He is housebroken, sleeps through the night and has had some training. His foster says he’s a complete love-bug with tons of charm and character.

Early on in his puppyhood, Wookiee developed a fear of heights so he doesn’t get up on furniture and does not abide well with stairs. He’s also cautious in cars (can’t/won’t jump in) and generally lies down and will not move when being transported. Other than that, nothing else much scares him.

Wookiee is still adjusting some to his new one-eyed normal. For instance, if you find Wookiee sleeping on this blind side, it's best that you approach him with a bit of noise (words of affirmation work too) so you don’t startle him.

Wookiee is super-friendly and loves other dogs (unless they are on the other side of a fence) but is not good with cats. He lived with children in his original home and never had issues. He gets excited around new children so caution was always used until he settled. 

Wookiee WILL shred, eat and then promptly regurgitate a stray sock if given the chance. Also beware, if the coast is clear, Wookiee will also counter surf…the sneaky little Airedale devil. 

Wookiees ideal next home: Wookiee does well in homes with canine companions BUT he would also be fine as an only dog. Either way Wookiee needs a human-someone home with him to be his ever-present, beloved pet. He’s willing to put in the time to train you in the art of daily snuggles and frequently shared kisses. His foster mom is so taken with this charismatic boy that, in her estimation, only the most attentive and loving person/family will do for this stinkin’ cute, easy to love, One-eyed Wookiee! We concur.

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